Floragora FAQ

Find some of the most common questions answered below. 

What kind of plants can be exchanged?

Flowers and other plants in any shape or size can be exchanged on Floragora:


Bulbs and bare roots

Fully grown plants

How do I swap plants with others?

A good idea is to take a picture of the flower you would like to swap. Then, find out what it is called, either its botanic or common name. This makes it easier to arrange a swap. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do next is:

Download the app and sign up

Add a post for your plant

Find a flower or plant you’d like and press: ‘I’m
interested in swapping’

Then sit back and await the response from the other member. If he or she accepts your swap request, you can sort out the details of your swap in a private chat, such as whether you prefer to meet up or ship the flowers to one another.

How do I know what other people want?

On each swap post you can see the wish list of the other member. In the example on the right, you can see a swap post for a peony. The member would like to swap his peony for the plants on his wish list. This particular member would like to receive aster, armenian cranesbill, natal lillies or daffodils in exchange for his peony.

Whether you’d like a few extra tulip bulbs, need a lot of golden creeping jenny to create groundcover on a wider area, or you just have too many agapanthuses, many other garden lovers will have the opposite need. Floragora is the place to meet them and arrange an exchange!

Does Floragora mediate in my trades?

No. All trades (swap, sell, buy and giveaway) are directly between you and the other members of the Floragora community.This gives you all the flexibility you need. However, it also means that you shouldn’t engage in any exchanges if you are not sure you have agreed on clear terms for your exchange. This is the only way to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations, and we all prefer to avoid those.