Floragora helps you save money by swapping plants

Swap your excess plants, and get new ones in return without paying anything. 

Create your
own wish list

List your
excess plants

Build landing
pages with ease

What’s in the Floragora app

Plant swapping made easy

Find other people near you who also want to swap plants

If you prefer to get plants shipped to you, no problem, just select that in our feed filter

Select if you are interested in seeds, full plants, or just

Integrated plant identification

More than 10,000 identifiable plants

Around 90 percent accuracy

Average plant identification processing time of three seconds

Advanced wish list

Use common or botanical name, both works

Get notified when someone lists a plant you are interested in

Select transport preferences

The 3- Step Process

Add plants to your
wish list

Any plant you see when you out-and-about can be identified by our plant identification feature and then added to your personal wish list. 

List your excess

Identify any plant you have yourself, and list it as an excess plant you would like to offer in a plant swap.

Get notified about swap matches

If there is a match between any items on your wish list, what you have to offer, and another members offering, you'll get notified. 

About Floragora

Floragora is a combination of ‘flora’ and ‘agora’.

‘Flora’ means the plants of a particular habitat.

‘Agora’ means gathering place, such as the marketplace in ancient Greece.

This is exactly what Floragora is: a place to meet and learn about plants – as well as a place to trade them.

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